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Homeschool for the Real World

Homeschool for the Real World

Homeschool for the Real World

Our world today presents kids and teenagers with challenges that were simply not present in years past. As our work lives, home lives and other aspects of our personal lives become faster and dependent on virtual know-how, parents can clearly see a need to prepare kids. Homeschool experienced a stigma in the old days. These days it is known for providing students with the most advanced materials and education available. With their futures relying heavily on their tech savvy, students are finding great success in homeschool. In addition to these elements, we are seeing a veritable boom in terms of health problems increasing in our kids. As parents are waking up to this new reality, they are beginning to seek out healthy alternatives that will assist their children in healing during their formative years. Whether you are brand new to homeschool or you are teaching high school students, this book can serve as an assistant and a guide. It contains information to help you get starte

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