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The Learning Code: How to Speed the Learning of Languages through the Multisensory Method

The Learning Code: How to Speed the Learning of Languages through the Multisensory Method

The Learning Code: How to Speed the Learning of Languages through the Multisensory Method

Ever wonder why only a minority of students reach a high level of proficiency in a foreign language, and, why do most of those students not pass Elementary levels showing more than a limited communicative capacity?

This simple question calls for reflection on the need to use educational methods which accelerate and enhance the learning process, giving everyone the opportunity to quickly reach significant linguistic mastery.

The Learning Code is a practical guide to teaching foreign languages, benefiting teachers, parents, students and professionals alike. Its unique method focuses on the concept that learning linguistic skills can be notably enhanced through the use of Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic systems.

The book’s innovation is the combination between the Total Physical Response, Storytelling, Role-playing and Simultation techniques which work together to speed up language acquisition times through a multisensory approach.

What does this mean?

Foreign language is most effectively learned when all five senses are engaged.

– Chapters one through seven address common obstacles students face while

learning a second language and provides strategies and possible solutions.

– Chapters eight and nine analyze the TPR method.

– Chapters ten and eleven offer a series of lessons for the first linguistic levels.

Why should I read The Learning Code?

I spent over a year exploring the core subject of the book and I had the best time writing it. I’m very confident about what it offers students: an excellent resource with hundreds of unique illustrations to help learners master new languages with ease. For parents, educators or trainers, my book is a guide to bring out the best in your students in terms of language skills through a combination of multisensory strategies such as total physical response, storytelling and role plays. The results will amaze you – faster learning, stress reduction and ensuring long term recollection.

Is the book only for language teachers?

The Learning Code addresses key learning skills and has all the components necessary to groom students’ language skills. Maria Grazia and I have created innovative and conducive learning exercises to help students with varying learning abilities too. We’ve developed exercises and introduced new methodologies that makes teaching students’ with specific learning disorders a much less challenging task. No matter what subject or grade you teach, or whether you are a parent or educator, you will find that this book can revolutionise your teaching skills.

What does this book offer?

Teaching goes beyond methods and strategies. Backed by psychology, linguistics, science and neurology, we’ll show you how to enhance and speed up the learning process with long term retention too.

With the combined experience of authors Mauro Morretta Trainer of mother tongue teachers, expert in the TPR method and in multi-sensory teaching, and Maria Grazia De Francisci Educational Psychologist, expert in SLDs and schooling difficulties, The Learning Code will reveal to you the amazing secrets of how to get your children or students to the very top of their language learning skills!

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