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Positives of Homeschooling

Positives of Homeschooling

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What are the positives about homeschooling a 12 year old and why is everyone negative about it?

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[display_name id=”1″]Positives:
* Your child will be better educated assuming you are conscientious parent.
* Your child will be more normally socialized providing she is given the opportunity to interact in the real world with people of all ages, including her own. (What could be more abnormal than sitting in a room all day with 30 people the same age as you?)
* Your child will not become subject to peer pressure and feel the need to be “cool”.
* Your child will learn to be an independent thinker who is not so much affected by current trends and popular culture.

* You will get a hard time from parents whose only experience is that of school. They cannot see beyond standing in line, sitting down when told to, accepting mediocre. Many cannot see beyond what they perceive as the “socialization” issue. Some would even think that your child is missing out on being a affected by popular culture, because they themselves are victims of it. Some will say that being bullied is good for them. That’s a terrible argument because in school, you pretty much have to put up with it. In real life, your boss or the police would deal with it and it would end. You will also hear that your child will NOT be educated.

What are the positives of Homeschooling?How does the teaching work? My mom doesn’t think that she could teach me, but I’ve heard that anybody can really teach their kids.. Is that true? What are the positives of being homeschooled? She thinks that in the classroom i’d be better, but how can I persuade her that homeschooling is perhaps good for me.. More time, more one on one time, more time to work on assignments… Help??

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[display_name id=”1″]Why Homeschool?

Most parents do it for religious reasons but here are some other reasons:

1. Homeschoolers generally receive a better academic education

2. Parents can control what their kids are exposed to and when.

3. Homeschoolers generally have better social skills than their traditionally schooled peers (mostly because parents are there to help with social problems as they arise)

4. Homeschoolers have closer relationships with their parents

5. Homeschoolers are less likely to have behavioral problems

6. The symptoms of many learning and developmental disabilities (such as Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD) become significantly more mild and in some cases disappear altogether when the kids are switched from a classroom setting to homeschool.

7. Home schooling works around your family’s schedule rather than the family having to work their lives around a schools schedule.

8. Many Universities actively seek out home school graduates and some have offices for which the sole purpose is to meet the needs of home school graduates

Home schooling takes a lot of work and requires organization, but most parents can do it if they are willing to make the commitment.

More information on homeschooling can be found at the Home School Legal Defense Association Website:


Positives and negatives of homeschooling?Please, all details you know.. Facts..

Thank ya.

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[display_name id=”1″]Positives:

1. One on one I feel is always better and you would get more out of what your being taught
2. Not as much peer pressures you deal with in public schools
3..Can help you to be closer with your parent which might make you open up to them more about things that could save you grief later on.


1. Missing out on activities most schools have to offer you. (cheer-leading, sports, field trips. Etc.)
2. Meeting new friends.
3. Working as a group on projects.

I have nothing against home schooling as long as the parent actually has the kids do the work not them do it for them. I know of one that in this same case had her son out of public schools from I believe it was 8th grade until he graduated through home school and the sad part was she was the one doing most of the work for him. So one has to ask themselves what will happen to a guy such as in this case and if he will ever be able to stand on his own two feet without one of his parents being there to help him along.

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