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Mathletics Online Math [1 Year Subscription]

Mathletics Online Math [1 Year Subscription]

Mathletics Online Math [1 Year Subscription]

  • A wide variety of activities leveled for their grade in school or their ability level, keep learning fresh and keep them engaged
  • Learning is effective when it feels like they’re playing math games
  • Live Mathletics matches students with other learners around the world in fun, one minute competitions
  • Students can earn rewards and certificates by completing activities and competing in Live Mathletics
  • Online or offline, Desktop or Mobile with the Mathletics student App, and effective for learners age 5-18

Mathletics is a rewarding and highly captivating online math resource for students ages 5-18. Mathletics is packed with hundreds of hours of engaging activities designed to make math fun! Whether your child is struggling in school, you homeschool, or you just want something extra for them to do outside of class or over the summer, Mathletics will help. Activities presented to students are appropriate to their grade level and aligned to standards. Activities can be made easier or more difficult as needed, ensuring an experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Mathletics is “Live Mathletics,” where students compete in real-time with 3 other students located around the world in 60 second races to see who can answer the most questions. Learners simply select “Live Mathletics” from the menu, and the program automatically matches them up with 3 other learners online at that moment. Because Mathletics has millions using it globally, i

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Price: $ 99.00

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