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How Do I Start a Homeschool Program

Zach Braff Deals With Family Issues in ‘Wish I Was Here’ Full Trailer (aceshowbiz)

The new sneak peek shows how Braff’s Aidan taking matters into his own imaginative hands to educate his two kids in a homeschool.

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Twenty-year-old Chicago man to pursue Ph.D. At Harvard – Chicago Defender

Chicago DefenderTwenty-year-old Chicago man to pursue Ph.D. At HarvardChicago DefenderEventually the high school’s tuition was just too much, Lovemore said, so she had to pull Talbot, her youngest of seven children, out of the school and homeschool him during his last year. At 16, he started taking courses at a local community college …

Homeschool Room Tour Part 1

Questions and Answers

How do I start internet homeschool?Im 14 and in the 8th grade.. My school is bad. Almost everybody here has a parol officer and we never learn anything because police are here and searching there locker…my education is importand..so how can i be homesschooled on the internet. Iv googled and cant realy find anything. Also i live in arkanasas if that helps any. Thanks.

Posted by katieluvbird
[display_name id=”1″]Internet homeschool or online homeschooling comes with a program and books of course. I reccommend Keystone.
Starting Homeschool?I REALLY REALLY want to homeschool my kids, which are 3 & 4 right now. I thought about sending them to kindergarten and maybe a few years of elementary to let them learn the basics (reading, writing, basic math) and then taking over from there. Now, though, I really just want to teach them myself. All I get from people I know is how hard it is, and how they think I shouldn’t do it, that its just WAY too difficult and time consuming. I still want to do it though. I am starting to give up, though I don’t want to. I want to push forward and follow my hopes of homeschooling my children. Does anyone know of any curriculum that would make it easier FOR ME to keep them on track? I don’t want them to fall behind because I didn’t do something right or forgot to do something all together. I just want to homeschool without messing them up.

Posted by portiaraylee
[display_name id=”1″]I think kindergarten is very good for all children, they learn the basics of social skills, and then remember one thing, that is very important to me, a lot of homeschool parents minimize the importance of socializing with other kids, from varied back grounds,and socio economical groups, and different religions, etc, so if you do it, make sure you take them to many * functions* dance class, karate class, cheer leading on the local league, or foot ball, that sort of thing, so they have time to socialize, with people out of your normal social circle, the rest is so easy, it just comes,I did not use a formal program , i never did, i was a very eclectic homeschooler, and i found it to work for me and my girls, there is a book called everything my 4th grader, ( 1st grader etc) should know, it is a good reference, to guide you in the right directions, there is going to be glitches in the education you give, things you miss,

My daughter says ( in the Marine corps) that sometimes if she does not know something, they say , ( oh she was homeschooled) and she does not take it personally, she is able to understand it is joke, but be ready for it, she is 18 with AA and in the Marine Corps, so i did something right, LOL.

Im looking for a homeschool program?My brother is 16 and he needs to start a homeschool program but he never finished the 9th grade is there something cheap or some kind of ged program he can enroll in.

Posted by dennis j
[display_name id=”1″]Look into these on line study programs-
University of Indiana High School online study program
American School online study program
Red Comet online study program.

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