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Home School Your First Grader

Home School Your First Grader

Home School Your First Grader

Have you thought about home schooling your child but are unsure of where to start? Are you unhappy with your child’s current education situation but aren’t sure you have the qualifications to teach your child at home? Do you wonder if your child might learn better at home, but don’t have a solid support system? “Home School Your First Grader” is the newest book by author Beth Jones and shows you exactly how you can home school your first grade child. Whether or not you have years of experience or a college degree, it’s possible to offer your child a wonderful, successful, rich education at home! Jones breaks down home schooling for first grade chapter by chapter and discusses hot topics like curriculum, social skills, and helping your child adjust to home education. Whether you’ve known for awhile you wanted to home school or you’re just now considering it, “Home School Your First Grader” gives moms and dads alike a glimpse into how to educate a child at home.

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