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HOME SCHOOL: surf over 8,950 HOME SCHOOL .com websites

HOME SCHOOL: surf over 8,950 HOME SCHOOL .com websites

HOME SCHOOL: surf over 8,950 HOME SCHOOL .com websites

Imagine walking into a huge library and coming face-to-face with nearly 127 million books. Millions and millions of books. Books as far as the eye can see.

How do you find what you’re looking for?

Would you start by reading a “summary of contents” list? Someone else created that list … based upon some unknown criteria. And, other people paid fees or bribes so that their books had more favorable placement in the summary list. Many books were left out of the list for a number of various reasons.

Or, would you begin your search by simply walking down an aisle of interest, scanning titles until one piqued your interest?

On the internet, the “summary of contents” list is what you get when you use a search engine (pick a search engine, any search engine). People pay for higher ranking and placement in the results list. The more you pay, the better your ranking. Many websites aren’t even listed because of skewed search algorithms or because the “spider” dropped by before the website content was completed.

The website name itself doesn’t change. It’s always the same. It’s the “book title” of the website and is known as a “domain name.”

The master list of domain names, and other name server information, is maintained in what’s called a “zone file.” Each domain (COM, ORG, GOV, etc) has a zone file. The COM zone file contains nearly 127 million unique domain names. And this information isn’t looked at by search engines.

So, you’re interested in a particular topic … this subject is what’s called a “keyword.” The COM zone file can be searched for domain names that include your keyword. Using a very well-defined and specific keyword will sometimes return only a handful of domain names … sometimes thousands. Using a “wildcard” as part of your keyword will often greatly increase the size of the returned list.

Then what? You have a long, long list of domain names. Time to “cut and paste” the domain name into your web browser?

Fortunately, you’re not Fred Flintstone and this isn’t Bedrock!

To make the domain name list user-friendly, we “hyperlink” each domain name on the list to the corresponding website. When you see an interesting domain name, just click on it and the website pops up in your browser (assuming, of course, that you’re connected to the internet).

That’s what this book is all about. Using a keyword, the COM zone file was searched, a list of matching domain names was created and then hyperlinked.

You can use this list for research, to see how other people have designed their websites, to find “for sale” domain names, and just for the fun of it. At a bare minimum, you have a resource that will provide hours and hours and hours of entertaining internet surfing.


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