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With rising cost to send children to school, the low level of teaching in some schools, and the frequent acts of teasing and bullying, some parents find it more convenient and economical to homeschool their children. But will homeschooling be in the best interest of the child? As you take this journey you will have to examine the effect that homeschooling has on socialization. The need to get your homeschooled children involved in sporting activities, the use of television to start homeschooling early in the life of the child. Discover the challenges of keeping up with homeschooling paperwork, choosing the homeschooling curriculum and including homeschooling on a budget. Children should not be deprived of the basics, so you will have to find a way to incorporate life’s lessons into the curriculums. The popularity of homeschooling is on the increase. If this has always been your desire, then get going!

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