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Home Education 3: Dirty Deals (Taboo Twins)

Home Education 3: Dirty Deals (Taboo Twins)

Home Education 3: Dirty Deals (Taboo Twins)


I set up to begin cleaning and looked out the window at the brothers working out back. Mark was pulling weeds with his shirt off and looked so delicious. Brain was running the lawnmower, his sculpted arm muscles flexing alluringly as he pushed.

In times past I might have locked the door and touched myself while watching them. But now that we were a threesome only the real deal would satisfy me. I sighed and decided to just be patient, remembering how lucky I was to have them to myself.

From across the yard Brian noticed me looking out the window and I pulled up my tee shirt and flashed him. He smiled a lusty smile which encouraged me. I stroked a nipple making it erect for him and noticed his breathing increase. He turned his hips towards me and showed me the bulge that had sprang to life in his pants. When his father strode in front of the window I jerked back and covered up sighing.

(At least that was kind of fun. I wish I had that bulge in here with me now).

* * *

Anna and the twins have finally embraced their taboo threesome with no hesitations. But trouble comes from the outside in the form of the twin’s sleazy cousin Chuck. When smutty photos of the threesome get loose foul play is in the air and Anna finds herself at Chuck’s mercy. How will she get out of it, and how will they make Chuck pay for his sins?

**This story contains several erotic scenes and taboo. It is intended for mature readers**

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