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Free High School Online

Snyder OKs changes to high school graduation rules – Detroit Free Press

Snyder OKs changes to high school graduation rulesDetroit Free PressLANSING, MICH. — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed changes in Michigan’s high school graduation requirements affecting math, foreign language, and health and physical education classes. Two laws signed Wednesday rewrite a provision that gives students …and more »

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Homeschool Pod – getting organised for education

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Free Online High School Programs

Clark University named a top service-oriented school for return on tuition investment (ClarkUniversityPressReleases)

Clark University has been ranked a top service-oriented college with an excellent return on investment by Best Value Schools, a free guide to value in higher education. Clark is ranked 22nd on the list of Top 25 Universities for Nonprofit and Community Service Ranked by Return, developed as a resource for service-minded individuals to find quality […]

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Free Photo: Children, Girls, Sisters, Family - Free Image on Pixabay - 14067
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Online Program Widens Access to UC for High School Students – New America Media

Online Program Widens Access to UC for High School StudentsNew America MediaIt offers online high school courses that can be taken entirely over the Internet, or used by teachers to guide instruction and increase the offerings at their school. … The materials can be downloaded for free by California public school students …

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Workday/Homeschool Tuesday

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Homeschool Free

23 area teens celebrate home-school graduation – CapitalGazette.com

23 area teens celebrate home-school graduationCapitalGazette.comTheir families are part of a group, the Arundel Homeschoolers Inc., made up of about 40 Christian families who home-school their children in Anne Arundel County. Some families ….. You have viewed 5 of your 10 free stories in 30 days. You must log in …

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Homeschooling Information : Attending a Free Online School …

Questions and Answers

Do you know some good FREE homeschool sites?I know of a couple like www.starfall.com or www.dltk-kids.com What are you fav. Sites for kids 10 and under?! Please tell if free or low cost! Thanks all!
WOOT!!! I’m going to have fun tongiht after I put the rugrats to bed!!!

Posted by tishniaeq069696
[display_name id=”0″]Here are some of my favorites!

Http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subject… (some parts require membership — much is free)
Http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/c… (Again, parts are free)
Http://www.superkids.com/ (I especially love the math worksheets.)

Health and Nutrition:

Free books/grammar helps/literature:
Http://owlet.letu.edu/ (Parts of this site “forbidden” — parts accessible. Example: Http://owlet.letu.edu/Grammarlinks/punctuation/punct1s3.html , Http://owlet.letu.edu/Grammarlinks/punctuation/punct1s1.html )
Http://home.comcast.net/~gpc3/formal_ess… (A little older than 10 – The Formal Essay)

Unless you are very new to home schooling, I think you will know about Home School Legal Defense Association. Http://www.hslda.org There is a membership fee for access to all of their services, but I know it is well worth the money. We have used their services numerous times over the past few years, and have found them to be very available and extremely helpful.

Legal forms and advice:
Http://www.hslda.org (Membership required for much of this site.)

For information, advice, and support when homeschooling a special needs child:

Given time, I could probably dredge up other sites that we have used, but these sit on my desktop on in my favorites as the ones I go to often.

Blessings to you.

Tuition free homeschool?Ok i went to lighthouse christian academy, but it is so expensive. So i need a home school that is tuition free but sends your work in through the mail (not online)
i have gotten free home school before they sent me a computer for free and everything.

Posted by your face looks like dakato fannings face
[display_name id=”0″]Some states have public school versions of online school that are free because they are forms of public school and paid for with tax dollars. I’ve not heard of an American public school offering correspondence (by mail) courses–though there might be one out there somewhere. You’d have to call your local public school and ask about it.

All other schools will charge for their services. The people running them have bills to pay and can’t be expected to work for free.

However, you do have an option that will be practically free. That is the school that *you* run. If you and your parents are running the program, you won’t be charged tuition by someone else. You’ll have to get books or other curriculum items, but you’ll find that you can use public library books for a lot of subjects, and if you buy used books for any others, the cost will be low. You’ll also have to keep your own records, but that doesn’t have to be that complicated. You might want to read a book such as “And What About College? How homeschooling leads to admissions to the best colleges and universities” by Cafi Cohen to get detailed information on the records you’ll need to keep for college and/or employers.

Good luck.

Free online homeschool?I am a freshman at a rigorous high school. I am looking to take homeschool classes over the summer and on the side. I don’t want course credit- I just want to learn for fun. Do you know of any 100% online (no books to track down or materials to borrow) and 100% free courses that I could take? A “teacher” does not necessarily need to be involved, but all course material needs to be online. (I am self-motivated.) Thanks!
*So far none of these programs have had free courses offered where I live.

Posted by –
[display_name id=”0″]Iqacademy.com

free of charge!

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Accredited Online Homeschool Programs

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Children, Girls, Sisters, Family - Free image - 14067
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Meet the Exhibitors in the 2014 White House Science Fair – The White House (blog)

The White House (blog)Meet the Exhibitors in the 2014 White House Science FairThe White House (blog)He quickly caught up and, with classmate Amena Jamali, launched JJ New World, a company that creates software programs specializing in online games. The students’ premier …. He also leads a computer science and robotics program within his …

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A Homeschool Family’s Chore & Routine Chart/System

Questions and Answers

Best Accredited HomeSchool Program?What is the Best Accredited Home School Program?

Posted by The Raven
[display_name id=”0″]There are many different answers, unfortunately.

The best homeschool program for your family is the one that goes along with your core beliefs and value system.

If you are a secular (non-religious) family you may want to look at Calvert or K12.

If you are religious and wish to have that as a large part of homeschooling, you may wish to look at A Beka.

There are many yahoo homeschool groups and many curriculum reviews online.

Best of luck with your decision!

Online homeschool????????I might be home schooled online. What are some good homeschooling sites? I will be a freshman in high school… Thanks!!!
P.s. I live in tn if that makes a diffrence

Posted by KowGirl96
[display_name id=”0″]Try virtualedu.org! Its a self pace program that is affordable and accredited.

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Homeschool Online Curriculum

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Phone, Communication - Free image - 250758
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Arts Alive introduces homeschooled children and families to history, arts, culture – Winston-Salem Journal

Arts Alive introduces homeschooled children and families to history, arts, cultureWinston-Salem JournalAn online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. ….. On Friday, Homeschool Days: Arts Alive in Salem, will provides opportunities for homeschooled children and their families to step back in time and explore — hands-on and through …

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Homeschool Room Video Tour – part 1

Questions and Answers

Easy online homeschools?Im looking into high school for school. I hate school in general, i like being on my laptop and i like being home. Heres what i want in a online homeschool: easy and doesnt take a lot of time per day.

Posted by poohbearrules2
[display_name id=”0″]Online classes are harder than it would be if you attended in a classroom setting. If you don’t keep yourself motivated you will never be able to do online. It’s hard to stay motivated to do school online.

There are some online classes you can look into the options here – Http://home-schooledchildren.com/categor… it has different options for homeschooling online. Some are tuition free even.

Good luck!

Homeschool curriculum?How is a homeschool curriculum written? Can you sen me an example with the link ? I am new to homeschooling and i hear you need a curriculum, i need an idea because i do not want to wast $ on buying one, so how can i use a curriculum or write one? Can’t i just homeschool with online reasources withought paying? , how is attendance, diploma, grading, passing grade determined or done? Is everyday different? Thanks.

Posted by Pilar
[display_name id=”0″]Try this website www.homeschool.com. There are links to curriculum’s you can pay for, FAQ’s, New to Homeschooling, etc. If you live in the United States, go to your states website, then department of education, and you can find out what is required like algebra, geometry, etc. From that, you can build your own. Some states require you to submit paperwork and some do not so checking with your state is a great place to start.

Best online homeschool curriculum?I am planning on homeschooling my 8 year old son next school year and I am searching the internet for reviews on different online curriculum. I am totally new at this, it will be my first time, so I am very cautious and want to explore different options. The last thing I want to do is spend a fortune on curriculum that does not meet state standard and then not be able to get my money back should I change my mind. I would like to know if there are any moms out there that can help me find a website that has reviews on the different schools/companies so I can look and compare. Thank and God Bless.

Posted by bluealexivan
[display_name id=”0″]You can go to www.hslda.org to find out the specific laws for your state. It would help people here to know what state you are in. If it is Texas I can help. We have just started using Bob Jones. I would suggest finding a curriculum fair in your area or a store that specializes in homeschooling material so you can go through the different products. Good Luck.

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Christian Online Homeschool Programs

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Mosque, Pecs, Gazi, Qasim Khanate - Free image - 222089
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Homeschool teen graduates college at 15 – Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science MonitorHomeschool teen graduates college at 15Christian Science MonitorThis summer, she will likely take some online courses through Faulkner. Neither Keith or Katrinnah feel they have missed out on a childhood. They meet with friends regularly – on Friendship Friday – and have no regrets over the academic path they have …and more »

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A Simple Plan – Family Homeschool Planner

Questions and Answers

Are there any homeschool programs thats not online for my 8th grader?I am searching for a home school program for my 14 year old son. Who is in the 8th grade. I am unable to get him enrolled into the city public schools because of his past school record. I am at a lose as to what I am going to do. I need help with this information. I keep finding online courses that’s not what I’m looking for. If anyone has any information that could help me please email me the info. I greatly thank you for your time. Email address is tyrabiaparker@yahoo.com.

Posted by Tyrabia Parker
[display_name id=”0″]REAL homeschooling is not online schools…it really is just an excuse…real homeschooling is having your kids learn at their own pace, learning at your kids rate, mostly through subjects that interest them. What state are you in? That will help. Many states can’t mind their own business, but some can. In florida my kids teach themselves. They learn mostly through subjects that they’re interested in. They watch science shows on tv for science, biographies and such for history. They do have to do a math class, but that is it.
Www.time4learning.com is online, doesn’t go through the school districts, and is animated and such. It’s a relaxed example to homeschooling. No teacher, just fun. You could try that. It’s $20 a month. If you’re looking for workbooks, there is www.abeka.com but that is fairly fast…..are you looking for Christian? I would just take a year to relax, deschool your son, and get a chance to see what ‘he’ likes, and how he learns. Not everyone learns through textbooks…don’t think my kids have ever learned through one. You could take classes at OMSI or the zoo. ….what is he interested in? If your answer is nothing, than you probably need to deschool. He ‘has’ interests, the school has probably just snubbed them out as ‘unimportant’ …he’ll find them again. Lmk if you need anything else! My kids have always been unschooled (okay, more eclectic)…it can be fun! Good for you for not forcing your child to go through public school (even if he has been kicked out, there are alternative schools)..most parents don’t want to take the time.:)

Online Christian School or Home School Curriculum?Interested in seeing which Christian online schools or home school curriculum are highly recommended for elementary students. Thanks!

Posted by Amber
[display_name id=”0″]Online Christian homeschools are not highly recommended for elementary-age children. It is better for them to have real books, paper, pencils, and interaction with a teacher/parent. Children tend to not do well with an online program.
The Christian home school curriculum that I recommend is:
My Father’s World
Beautiful Feet Study Guides
Apologia Science
A Reason for Handwriting
Copywork for Boys/Girls
How Great Thou Art
AL Abacus Math
Learning Language Art Through Literature
Rod & Staff (especially the little workbooks for little kids, and Health)
These are my favorites for my kids. You should look at these and others and find something that looks interesting and fun for your kids.

Best way to homeschool myself?For high school? Curriculum? Online schools? How to get into college homeschooling?

Posted by т
[display_name id=”0″]Most online schools aren’t traditional homeschooling. They are correspondence programs which provide the materials and schedule you follow much like regular schools, but done at home instead of in a classroom. There is very little flexibility. However, they usually provide record keeping services which can help when it’s time to issue transcripts. Each program is different in what they teach, enrollment procedures, requirements, etc so contact the programs you are interested in directly to find that out.

Traditional homeschool has your parents as the primary teacher. They pick the curriculum and materials you study based upon your budget, learning style, needs, and interests. It could be traditional textbooks, workbooks, computer programs, dvd’s, activities, even private lessons, or some combination.

You’d just apply for college regular way. Take the ACT or SAT tests. You would design a transcript detailing what you learned when. Be as detailed as possible.

EDIT: Some curriculum providers offer full programs with all subjects in a kit. A lot of these companies also offer record keeping service for an additional fee. (this may be referred to as an umbrella program or correspondence study instead of homeschool by some purists, but don’t worry about that) Examples of these companies include Christian Light Education, Sonlight, Abeka, and Bob Jones.

There are also companies that specialize in just a single subject such as math, reading, or science. Most of the companies mentioned above also allow you to order just individual subjects rather than the full package, but you can’t be part of their record keeping program if you do. (Calvert is an exception. You must do the full package only with them.) This allows you to pick and choose among companies to custom design a program to fit your needs, interests, and budget. That is what I do. Rainbow Resource is a terrific homeschool supply store for getting books, workbooks, kits, and other materials.

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Free Public Homeschool Online Programs

Online homeschool?

Anyone out there have any insight on this and how it works??? I was looking into it for a fourth and fifth grader………I dont even know if there are any good programs online out there so I may just stick with what I am doing??

Posted by Jason F
[display_name id=”0″]K12 is online and it’s awesome! We’ve used it for over 4 years. Our son is 9 and doing 4th-8th grade courses (you can mix and match). In some states, you can use K12 as part of a virtual public charter school. If you got K12’s site, you can see the list of states with virtual schools. You can also use it like we do and purchase it yourself free from any public school program.


The depth and breadth of K12 is amazing! It’s based on the Core Knowledge sequence, with even more thrown in!

*** Edited to add:

Just to clarify, just because K12 is online, does *not* mean that you can just sit your children down at the computer and not be involved. There is still a lot of parent interaction at the 4th-5th level. There is also a lot they can do on their own. With close ages like that, you could get each child their own level of math and language arts, and have them share the other courses: science, history, art, music. With K12, you want the same grade levels for art and history because they are tied together (which is really neat!).

What is the best free online homeschool program for large family?I’m a mother of 5 little ones and I’m currently using the K12 Georgia Cyber Academy. It’s a great prog but for homeschooling more than one child w/this prog it’s very challenging. I’m looking for a prog that’s more flexible and less intense.

Posted by GAIL
[display_name id=”0″]K12 is a public school. That is why it is ‘free’. The taxpayer is paying for your children’s education. As a public school they must meet all the same legal requirements for any other GA public school. Apparently you are not aware GA would like to close down K12/GCA.

Homeschooling in GA is a totally separate section of the legal code. It is not regulated as a public school. Your children attend public school. Yes, they would like you to think you’re homeschooling your child because homeschooling is known for successfully producing well-educated young people and if they told you it was a public school education your children are receiving you would walk away. You are being deceived.

(GA) Georgia DOE blasts Georgia Cyber Academy, threatens to pull charter in report

You need to keep a close eye on your children’s test scores. Most of K12’s student’s test scores are below their public school counterparts. In Colorado for example, they are in the bottom 10% statewide. Http://kunc.org/post/institute-reject-co…

Your only answer is to homeschool them. I mean, REALLY homeschool them.

Free Online Homeschooling in Alabama?Hi my name is Breana and I just turned 13. I really want to homeshool this year. My family and I have looked into it before but without any luck. A friend of mine does it through her church. I don’t go to church so that isn’t really an option for me.

I live in Alabama so that makes it much more difficult. Money is really tight so we can’t spend a gargantuan amount of money. I’d really like and online homeschool and I have already looked at k12 but they don’t have a program in Alabama. I’ve searched and searched the internet and haven’t seemed to find anything that is inexpensive.

The reason is just all the drama and bullying. Some people say it isn’t good to homeschool because you won’t have much of a social life. But I can keep in contact with my friends via e-mail, facebook, or telephone.

Please help me find an online homeschool for low price with good reviews.
I’d also like if you could give me the steps I need to take and what I need to do in order to start homeschooling. Best answer will be voted thank you.
I’m in the seventh grade and I live in Oxf.ord, Alabama.

Posted by Breana
[display_name id=”0″]The free K12 programs are not homeschooling programs. They are online public schools. Online private schools used by some homeschoolers are extremely expensive. There is no such thing as a free online homeschool program.

You need to sit down with your parents and look at the homeschool laws in AL and what homeschooling is. Public school at home is not the same thing as homeschooling from both a legal standpoint and a practicality one.

I suggest you start with the following article on A to Z, then follow the links to AL specific information.

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Can I Start Homeschool Today

Chaperone Says Horny Dads Weren't the Reason Teen Was Booted From Prom (Gawker)

A week after a 17-year-old girl made international news with her account of being k icked out of her homeschool prom because some dads at the event thought her outfit could arouse "impure thoughts," a chaperone for the dance has come forward to claim there's more to the story.
Read more…

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Canned, Jar, Box, Artichokes - Free image - 338829
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Civic Hall season tickets on sale today – Palladium-Item

Civic Hall season tickets on sale todayPalladium-ItemThe start time for all of the shows has been moved up to 7:30 p.m. To match Richmond Symphony Orchestra and Richmond Civic Theatre. In addition to the Proudly Presenting Series, Civic Hall encourages schools and homeschool families to reserve seats for …

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Homeschool Curriculum 2013

Questions and Answers

Does anybody homeschool Preschoolers?

I have a three year old daughter that I am wanting to start homeschooling this fall. I also babysit three other children whose ages range in 1 1/2-2 1/2. As today's society is, they would like for their children to be able to start Kindergarten and know "everything!" I am just curious if anybody has ever homeschooled their children while at the same time trying to teach someone else's child? Of if you have just homeschooled your preschooler what kind of schedule did you follow? Did you study by subject or just themes? Thanks for any help!

BTW- I was homeschooledl from Kindergarten up so I am very familiar with homeschooling. And I have taught preschool for over two years at Preschool centers so I am also familiar with that. I was just curious how other people did it and especially if you babysit other people's children, too! Thanks!

Posted by Ambree's mommy
[display_name id=”1″]

Lots of people homeschool their preschoolers. It used to not be considered "homeschooling", since practically everyone used to teach their own at home until school-age. Now so many consider daycare to be the norm, those who don't send their little ones to daycare or preschool or whatever you want to call it, homeschool their little ones.

There are lots of ways to do it. Some people use a format of themes. Some focus on one letter a week (searching for "letter of the week" should help you find some free resources for this).
For a while we used random themes (careers such as fire fighters or police, colors, various animals, plants, different countries, different time periods such as knights and castles, mummies in Egypt, or whatever struck my fancy)–they are so little that anything you cover will be new and educational to them.
For a while, we didn't use themes; then we just made sure that we went to the library and storytimes regularly, and did "educational things" such as planting seeds and caring for them as they grew. Taking nature walks or visiting the zoo and looking at what was around us. Talking about the places we visited and the people we saw (about their jobs and such). Doing lots of crafts–coloring, cutting and pasting, painting, and so on. Talking about letters and words around us; work on the sounds of letters and reading simple words. Watching educational videos such as the Leap Frog or "Between the Lions" series to learn reading skills. Sing songs such as the alphabet song or we found songs for the days of the week and months of the year. But mostly, read to the child a lot.

As for a schedule, we only did formal sit-down lessons 2 or 3 times a week for 20 minutes at most at a time when they were this little. Go by your child. You want your child to enjoy it and not be turned off by learning. But you can do lots of activities that they will just think are fun. And you don't really need a schedule.

I taught mine while watching other people's children. If you keep it something that they can all enjoy, it will work much better. (And you'll find that the smaller ones will learn a lot as you go along–more than you thought they would.)

All my friends are starting highschool today….?

Oh p.s I went into home schooling during the second week of 7th grade.
ALL of my friends are either starting 9th grade or plain and simple going back to school and now I am depressed because I want to be sooo badly but I have tried talking to my mom and asking her over and over and me going to public school is NOT an option but i miss my friends, I miss getting to go to school sitting at the desks learning with EVERYONE. I miss it. I don't really hate being homeschooled but, i really don't want to be but once again nothing I can do about that.i just am tired of beng the one who is still at home during the day while everyone else is having the best days of their life in higschool while I am sitting at home being taught by a fucking computer!!! I miss my friends and when they get home I am gonna get a phone call of how awesome it was and talking about how much fun they had and they know I hate that cause I am left out. What should I do??

Posted by : )
[display_name id=”1″]

Count your blessings. Most public school kids are idiots. Most homeschool kids are pretty smart.

Be one of those.

Who had school today?

It was my first day of junior year, it looks like it'll be a good year. From my past questions, that psycho kid is not in my health class and everybody in my Chem class (we have to sit with our class at lunch) wanted to sit with me so now I have to alternate tables (I'm so popular). I wore the brown peasant top and I'll stop sharing my personal life now.
Oh and I met a new boy and we had a nice conversation! I think I'm starting to like him.

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]

We homeschool.

We won't start until after Labor day.

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Quick Start Homeschool

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Letters: Neglected garden needs friends – Roanoke Times

Letters: Neglected garden needs friendsRoanoke TimesRoanoke County Supervisor Al Bedrosian has often advocated for homeschooling. As a homeschool graduate, I trust he — and others like him — will not dismiss me out of hand. Bedrosian told … Word “freedom.” A quick look at Webster's can set him straight.

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How to Make a Homeschool Master Workbook

Questions and Answers

How to start unschooling?

Well, if i want to start unschooling, i need help.

What am i supposed to do? What do i file for? Because this is like homeschooling but a little different, how does it work? I live in california, what am i supposed to get? I've seen the website that tells you how you can homeschool, but i don't understand. Do i still do the same thing? What process would i go through for unschooling? Or do i just get out of the school and stay home? Because i'd get in trouble with the law if i did that..what do i file for?
Do they require like yearly tests or examinations or evaluations or something to make sure i'm not just being lazy? Who does these things?
How do you adapt to it
OH do my parents need to be certified.

Posted by 123four
[display_name id=”1″]

Unschooling is just a type, or method, of learning used in homeschooling, you are still considered a homeschooler, so you have to follow your state rules for homeschoolers. If you look at the state laws here: Http://www.hslda.org/laws/analysis/Calif…
you will see what your options are to get started. From that quick summary of the law, it looks like your best option is to file an affidavit as a private school. The only requirement seems to be to keep an attendance log. Probably your best bet would be to find a local support group and ask them for help. Check this link for a list of groups in CA: Http://www.homeedmag.com/groups/californ…
Unschooling is, essentially, following your own interests, learning what you want to learn vs following a curriculum. The only thing you need to get started is find your interest(s) and start learning about them. A good dose of self-motivation is helpful, too.

Can I homeschool my 6 yr old in Florida if she has already started attending a public school?

Posted by pookiepoo
[display_name id=”1″]

Regardless of whether or not school has started, you can still homeschool.All you need to do is submit what is called an NOI or Notice of Intent to the local School Board in your district.
Relax,The NOI is simply a letter informing the School Board that you are removing your child from the system and providing her with home education and that you are going to be her teacher.
All you need to put in the notice is the following:
Child's Name:
Parent's Name:
Child's Date of Birth: (this is so they have to proper age on file and can tabulate her grade level)
Current Address & Contact Phone & Contact Email** the email is simply a quicker way of getting in touch these days and you don't HAVE to provide one** ( all of this is so that you don't face problems from other counties or districts. If you move you have to let them know in case the boundry lines change or you leave the district all together and their records are kept up to date)
Date you are or have withdrawn the child from her school & the date when you will be starting her homeschooling (there should be as little time between the 2 as possible to avoid truancy issues which Florida is notorious for slapping parents with) (( if you withdraw her from school on friday either before the school day starts or let her finish out the week/day then you can simply put her withdrawal date as that day and her start date as either that Mon or Tue)).
Now here is the kicker……..If you let her finish out her school week then you can go down to the School Board while she is in school and deal with the paperwork without her underfoot and inform them that she is simply finishing out her week/day. If you wait until you actually withdraw her, you need to get the paperwork in as quick as possible, meaning that you should only have a few days between school withdrawal/homeschool start. While it states that you have 30 days with which to inform the School Board of starting to homeschool, the chances of someone getting their panties in a twist and throwing a truancy charge your way is not completely out of the question ( Florida is famous for not knowing what the left hand is doing while the right hand is doing something entirely different, thus leaving the head to worry about what the feet look like—in otherwords noone knows what anyonelse is doing regardless if they are in the same line of work let alone the same building.)

I know this because up until 3 yrs ago I homeschooled my daughter in that state and had nothing but grief the entire time and when I moved I GAVE them all her info PLUS our new address PLUS had the School Board here in VA contact them and they still had the nerve 3 yrs later to send me a letter threatening me with Truancy charges because we hadn't shown up for her yearly evaluation AGAIN and she was STILL on the roster for school in Orange Co.
That is something else you get to look forward to by homeschooling in Fl is the yearly EVALUATION that you BOTH have to attend every year with a 10 day written notice from them. You have to show up at a time that is convientent for THEM and bring the majority of the work she has done for the yr (this is called a PORTFOLIO) as well as an Evaluation form filled out by a currently-employed CERTIFIED Teacher (you have to pay this from your pocket) and THEY decide if she is learning properly and what she needs & at the level equal to her grade.
If they think or feel that everything is fine and dandy, you are sent on your way with a 'See you next time/year' OR if they feel her education is 'lacking' they will give you a set amount of time to fix it and for her to show or prove that she doesn't need to be sent BACK to Public School. Should they deem it needed to put her back into the system (and they won't ask your permission believe me), you will be banned from homeschooling her in the state for a min of 2 yrs and then you will be highly supervised after that.
I'm not trying to scare you or make you think twice about what you want to do, but when it comes to Florida I would be feeding you to the wolves if I didn't give you a heads up. Florida is not known to 'play nice' with anyone especially homeschoolers and they will wait until AFTER things are done before they tell you and then play stupid 'Oh we didn't TELL you ? So sorry I guess we forgot, well your loss not ours.' Also when you go to withdraw your daughter, the people in the Office of her school will try to sell you on the whole ' You can't homeschool her' bs (my friend actually got told that she couldn't homeschool because SHE was both spanish & stupid **we laughed because the woman holds a MASTER's in CLINICAL PYSCH ) and will tell you it is against the law to homeschool. For the record just because they WORK in the school system doesn't mean they know JACK and the school's get $$$ for every child that is registered & even more $$$ if that child needs special services.

Homeschool to public???? Quick?

So my mom took me out of school months ago basically "homeschool" except i haven't learned anything sh hasnt even tried teaching me anything is there a way i can go back to school without getting held back pleas help and dont be rude….

Posted by alexis
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I don't know your situation, age, or family. But it sounds like you want to learn. Why not start educating yourself? Yes I'm serious. Hop online and look up homeschool or other educational resources. There are lots of math tutorials, science lessons, history courses, and writing projects. Take initiative and lay out a basic framework of what you want to do.

For example, what kind of math were you doing previously? Look up instructional videos or lessons to continue with that. Same for other subjects.

What I'm basically saying is that you are responsible for you no matter if you're still living at home or out on your own. Always take the initiative educate yourself & always be improving. Maybe this will prompt your mom to take some action as well. Regardless, be respectful.

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Free Homeschool Programs

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Lemur, Madagascar, Monkey - Free image - 108450
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School & family calendar, May 21-27 – Tallahassee Democrat (blog)

School & family calendar, May 21-27Tallahassee Democrat (blog)May 31: Free Seminar: Homeschooling and All the Questions that Go With It: Will discuss homeschooling in Florida, the definition and requirements as well as the choices parents now have in who teaches the students and which curricula to choose.

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My Homeschool room tour!

Questions and Answers

Free homeschool program?

I need a free home school that is 100% free. K12 You have to pay if you start late in the year. I need something FREE! Please help.
I live in Michigan.

Posted by K Savage
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Free online homeschool programs do not exist. The "free" K12 programs are online public schools. They are not free, they are paid for by the same tax funds that pay for other public schools. Private online schools that accept homeschoolers could not stay in business if they gave away their services.

What's a FREE or at least cheap homeschool program in Texas?

I have Yahoo'd, Google'd and Dogpile'd "free texas home school", "cheap texas home school", "home school programs," and several other versions of that, and I can't find anything that is less than 2500 bucks. I can't spend that much cash on home school. Can anybody help me out? Anything would be great.

Posted by kimahri1113
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Results1 – 10 of about 293,000 for homeschool program in Texas – 0.27 sec. (About this page)

DCCCD: Homeschool Connection
The classes are designed to enhance your homeschool program. … Texas history. Homeschool Connection is offered at both Eastfield College and Cedar Valley …dcccd.edu/Continuing+Education/…+Programs/Homeschool+Connection.htm – 34k – Cached – More from this site
Legal Information – Texas
Homeschool political happenings in Texas and the nation! From HUG. … The Parent Taught Driver Education Program is available to teenagers between the …homeschooling.about.com/od/txlegal – 21k – Cached – More from this site
Texas – Jon's Homeschool Resources
Texas homeschool support groups. … A competitive basketball program that has boys teams in four divisions and a junior girls team. …www.midnightbeach.com/hs/Texas.htm – 42k – Cached – More from this site
Homeschool – Homeschool Program
Your best online resource for Homeschool — – Homeschool Program … South Carolina Homeschool. Tennessee Homeschool. Texas Homeschool. Utah Homeschool …www.abc-homeschool.com/HomeschoolProgram – 58k – Cached – More from this site
Texas Homeschoolers–Homeschool Links
… An extensive list of the 'best of the web' from homeschool to homebusiness … Texas Tomorrow Fund — program to help you save $ and pay for college …www.texashomeschoolers.com/links.htm – 54k – Cached – More from this site
Northside Falcons – Christian Homeschool Baseball Team – North Houston, Texas / Montgomery County, TX
Christian homeschool baseball team in Montgomery County, Texas. … Falcons, the premier Christian homeschool baseball program for High School home …www.northsidefalcons.com – 15k – Cached – More from this site
About Homeschool – Homeschooling Information and Homeschool Resources
Homeschool community with forums, printables, free ecourses, … It resulted in About Me and My Family. He loved the program and enjoyed writing his story. …www.homeschooling.about.com – 37k – Cached – More from this site
Texas Tech University :: Outreach and Distance Education
Texas Tech University. … More about Texas Tech University's … Enroll in One of Our Programs. Learn More About. Enroll or Learn More About Our Programs …www.depts.ttu.edu/ode – 27k – Cached – More from this site
HSLDA | A Friend In A Small-Town Texas Police Department
… Violating the compulsory attendance law in Texas and the children were truant … Called HSLDA to verify that Texas homeschool families are not legally required …www.hslda.org/hs/state/tx/200209200.asp – 14k – Cached – More from this site
FIT Homeschool Program
FIT school of Olympic sport fencing. … Home School Program Information. Fencing Institute of Texas offers several opportunities for children enrolled in …www.fenceintexas.org/homeschool.html.

Free homeschool????Help?

I need free homeschool FAST!!!!!!!!!! 100% free
9th grade

Posted by Matthew
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100% free homeschoolng would only be available if you have an amazing public library near you that carries many textbooks written toward self teaching. The library would also need to have an extensive amount of online/computer program resources available for free (IE some carny Rosetta Stone for foreign language) While you can pull together a fairly decent education using free resources on the internet, it takes a lot of work to figure out what resources have holes in them and how to fill in those holes with other resources.

Personally I suggest finding a local homeschool group that has a used curriculum sale. You can often pick up popular homeschool materials for a fraction of the price. They won't be free, but you can cut the costs by as much as 75% if not a little more.

Homeschooling on a Shoestring has a lot of good advice on how to homeschool on a limited budget:http://www.homeschoolingonashoestring.com/

Finally, here is a list of free and inexpensive resources I have gathered over the years.. We have not used all of them as of yet:

ETA: Matthew, I thought your mom ordered your books and you are just waiting for them to arrive.

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