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Cool Tricks On the Computer

Plant a Garden in Your Homeschool (crosswalk)

Children love to play in the dirt, and tending a vegetable garden gives them that freedom.

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Colored Pencils, Colour Pencils - Free image - 179170
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Nest Hacks: The 'Learning Thermostat' Learns A Few Tricks – ReadWrite

ReadWriteNest Hacks: The 'Learning Thermostat' Learns A Few TricksReadWriteNothing influences people's comfort or mood like a warm, toasty environment or a cool, invigorating climate. And yet, of all the technologies in the home, the lowly thermostat gets the least respectโ€” even though nobody likes costly energy bills each …and more »

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Homeschool Your Child For Success By Homeschooling Them

Questions and Answers

I need some cool tricks….?

I need to know how to make my pc desktop so that when i right clcik on the desktop, it sais something like: "ou dont have enough privelages for this option". Oh and if you know any other pc tricks, plz tell me…i know the basic stuff.

Posted by crayZrocker
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If you want, you can download some really cool pranks at:


There are hundreds of pranks you can install on your computer, or your friend's, if you want to play tricks on them. Make sure to always scan your downloads with a good anti-virus and anti spyware program before installing.

Good luck, and have fun!

Computer tricks…?

Does anyone know any cool computer tricks.

Posted by Joe J
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Like what, i could tell you how to pimp your computer out…like cool things to have and stuff…

Cool Tricks on Computers?

What are some cool tricks for computers? I have a Sony Vaio FW Series Windows Vista Home Premium. I mean by tricks like Ubuntu Live USB; High Contrast; Cool themes; Docks etc…

I know this subject is broad…but please include a few things.


Posted by
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@Mark G: He could also nail the Indy 900 right over his monitor!

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Homeschooling Tips and Tricks

Homeschool teen graduates college at 15 (Christian Science Monitor)

A teen who was homeschooled by his parents has graduated college at same time many students are finishing their freshman year in high school. Did homeschooling offer an edge?

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Festival art vendors part of a modern gypsy circuit – The Times-Picayune

Festival art vendors part of a modern gypsy circuitThe Times-PicayuneJeremiah is ready to begin kindergarten this year, but his parents have chosen to homeschool him as a way to stay on the road and in business. Kristina Robinson estimates about 10 percent of the artists she's met on the circuit have a similar …and more »

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Homeschool: How to Set up for the Homeschool Day

Questions and Answers

New School Year Around the Corner?

Going into grade 10, girl, boarding school. I want some advice (or websites, they're good too) to help me be successful this year.
I'm doing Pre AP Chem a year early, so i would like to know the tips and tricks to ace the course
I'm doing grade 10 science in the summer: summer school advice?

And any other things high school students (boarding) should know about ๐Ÿ˜€ even funny stories would be cool as well.
Oh my mistake
you can have best answer then anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted by Blossom Erusca
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Which is awesome, but…you're in the homeschooling section…

Home schoolers! Any advice?

Hello everyone, hopefully you know at least a little about home schooling when you answer this very important question. Thanks in advance.

I have never been home schooled, or known anyone who has. I have been researching, but I am not completely confident. I live in Ontario, Canada. I am 14 years old, and am currently attending public high school (grade nine) and want to be home schooled.

What is a normal schedule for home school?
Can secondary students be home schooled?
Can I try most classes by my self?
What classes do I have to take?
Where do I get my books and important things?
How do I make a curriculum?

Please help me! I feel so helpless because I am so confused. If you have any other tips you want to share, write them down.

Ten points for the best answer!

Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

Posted by 1996Jamie
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I have been homeschooling my kids for 12 years and have taught at homeschool co-ops. So I will answer as best I can:

What is a normal schedule for home school?>>>

Whatever you want it to be. It's like when you quit your job and start your own business– you do whatever works best for you.

Can secondary students be home schooled?>>>

I don't know Canada laws regarding homeschooling but usually if homeschooling is legal then yes, you can homeschool at any grade.

Can I try most classes by my self?>>>

Depends… What classes are you planning to take? Are you joining an on line school or umbrella school? Are you going to a homeschool co-op? Community center? Planning on taking recreational classes at museums and such?

You know… You don't have to take classes as a homeschooler… You just read, write, learn… Homeschooling doesn't have to resemble school.

What classes do I have to take?>>>

You are going to have to check Canada homeschool laws… If there are any required classes, but I think what you are thinking of is "home-bound education" where the school sends everything home for kids who can't get to school…

HOmeschooling is different; you are taking your education out of the hands of the school and into your own.

Where do I get my books and important things?>>>>

You buy them. If you want them. We just go to the library or pick stuff up at thrift shops that interest us.

How do I make a curriculum?>>>

You can buy them if you want. You don't really need one.

Basically, you just think about what you want to/need to learn in a subject. You find out the important things about it… You read about it, or watch educational programming, or go on a field trip. Do a project, do a writing assignment.

Schools have over-complicated the simple act of living and learning so much– forget all that if you're homeschooling. Homeschooling is a different lifestyle. Life is learning– do stuff. *Poof.* You're learning.

Example: Want to learn history? Go get a history book and read it. Go to a historic landmark and watch a presentation. Write a research paper about the Middle Ages at the library. Talk to someone who lived during WWII and ask questions. No tricks, no tests, no Q&A, no grades… Just real learning, by just getting involved with what you want to learn.

I recommend reading the Teenage Liberation Handbook or Homeschooling : The Teen Years.

Does anyone know of any online jobs for teens other than doing surveys and things like that?

Any answer would be great i need to find a way to make money and be at home for my child and homeschooling.thank you.

Posted by mrsj
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