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Advantages of Homeschooling

Home-schooling skeptic has a change of heart – al.com

Home-schooling skeptic has a change of heartal.comThe chief advantages are curriculum and time, we found. My wife was able to choose curriculum à la carte, meaning she could choose the best individual math program and then the best individual reading program without having to accept a one-size-fits …

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Why Homeschool

Questions and Answers

Homeschooling advantages? I am trying to convince my mom!

Posted by Ashley

[display_name id=”1″]Just check this link you will get the many advantages and disadvantages oh homeschooling.


What Are The Advantages Of Homeschooling?I have quite a few friends near where I live that are homeschooling this school year. What are the advantages of it for the parent and the child? What makes it a better option then sending your kids off to school? It seems to be something that is getting more and more popular. I know quite a few people that have decided to pull their kids out of school to teach them at home. If you homeschool, what made you decide to do so? What has been the best part about having your kids home? I imagine it is a very rewarding experience.

Posted by Julie P

[display_name id=”1″]I like the idea of homeschooling my children because I have total control over what I choose to teach them and the method I use to get the information across. My daughter gets bored very easily, and she was having a hard time paying attention in class, so I looked for alternatives. Since I have been teaching her and her brother at home they have gotten a lot more knowledgeable about basic topics and we are a lot closer than we ever were. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a better way to make sure their children are drinking up enough information.

What are some advantages and disadvanages of homeschooling ?

Posted by Spn

[display_name id=”1″]The biggest benefit for us is freedom: The freedom to learn what, when, where and how it suits each of my children; The freedom to take a vacation when we want to; The freedom to attend family functions 700 miles away without having a school report the children as truant.; The freedom to let children enjoy childhood instead of being rushed into schedules, or rushed into acting older than they are.

My general “go to” list of pros and cons for our family are:
Individualized education that can be custom fit the learning style and interests of each student
Ability to seek out more hands on/field-trip opportunities
Ability to move at the speed that the student needs in each subject
“School work” can be finished in much less time than a typical school day because of teacher/student ration, no wasted time on home-room, period changes etc.
Lack of being bound by age/grade level/ school district, etc
Not bound by the public school calendar for vacations, etc
“School” can take place anywhere at any time.
Socializing and socialization (which are 2 different things BTW) takes place in the real world, vs. The segregated setting of public school.
Receiving an education instead of being schooled

Putting up with ignorant stereo-types spouted off by those who never learned to think outside of the public school box.

Statistics and standardized test scores prove that homeschoolers are, in general, better educated than their public schooled peers. There are many false assumptions about how homeschooling works such as: only the very religious homeschool; the parents are the only ones teaching; the parent can’t learn right along with the student; students can’t learn something on their own…etc. There also seem to be the assumption that parents can’t teach more than they know. If humans were incapable of learning beyond what their parents knew we would still be living in caves. Humans are curious by nature. It is the unnatural setting of public school that kills that natural desire.

All research indicates that not only are homeschoolers generally just as well socialized and well adjusted, but that they also tend to participate in more social activities as children and adults. Research also shows that public schools are very often harmful to social skills and the ability to socialize. Homeschooling gives the chance to be around a wider variety of people. Homeschoolers are not limited to being around only those who live in the same school district and who were born in the same 12 month period. Instead, homeschoolers are free to be around people of all ages and who live within a larger area. There are so many ways to socialize beyond the box that is public school. Statistics show that the average homeschooler participates in 3x the number of extracurricular activities over their public school counterparts. Studies also show that homeschoolers are more active in their community not only when they are homeschooling but also once they enter college and/or the workforce.
Students in traditional school settings are confined to a building/campus an average of 7.5 hrs a day 180 days a year with the same people day in and day out (often the same people for most of their years in school). In public schools they are segregated into groups by geographical area (with the exception of areas that have magnet schools, open enrollment etc but that is a minority of areas). In both public and private schools, students are then further segregated into groups by age, and often times into smaller groups according to ability. Such segregation greatly limits the number of and types of people that those in traditional school can socialize with on a regular basis. Also, so much time is spent in school or involved in its activities (especially homework) that public and private school students spend the majority of their waking hours either n school or doing homework. Many don’t experience socialization outside of public school because they do not have the time.

There are many ways to meet friends and to be active while homeschooling such as:
Take up a new hobby or expand on a current one
Join a homeschool co-op
Join a homeschool social group
Join the YMCA, YWCA, Boys Club/Girls Club
Take classes through the local recreation center or private studio such as: sports, dancing, martial arts, art etc
Learn to play a musical instrument
Book Clubs
Activities through your church/synagogue/mosque/coven etc

List of various articles: Http://www.ontariohomeschool.org/sociali…
Lies about Homeschooling: Http://www.connectthethoughts.net/blog/2…

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